Drone Flying Tips for Beginners


So you have decided to get yourself a drone. Or maybe you received one as a gift and are now wondering “How do I control this thing? (without crashing your new expensive toy into an immovable force on the first day of play). Here’s a small guide to give you some beginner tips on how to control your drone the proper way.

Start by practicing on the ground first

Before you start with the real thing there are apps on your phone which you can use to simulate flying a drone around for a while. Doing a simple search in your app store will bring up a host of drone flying simulators for you to practice with.

Find a good location to practice when getting started

When you are ready for the real thing, choose a wide open area away from buildings, power lines, trees and people. Maybe an open park space or a field might be a good choice for flying your drone with minimal distractions for the first time.

Do a Pre Flight Check

This involves making sure you have all of the pieces put together and are ready to take flight. Checking the battery, making sure that the propellers are correctly attached and so on. As humans we tend to forget important last minute details right before beginning something new. So a last minute check, just to be sure everything is there wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Use the easy mode on your drone controller

Some drone controllers come with an easy mode. If that’s available, then by all means begin by just using the basic controls to get you drone up and running. However, not all drone controls have this system built in. Just be sure to check before purchase if this is something you are interested in.

Point the camera facing away from you

This is so that when you push forward the drone will go forward. And when you push back it will go backwards. The last thing you want is to start out with left as right and right as left when trying to control a flying object for the first time. This will make for less clumsy maneuvering.

Use the built in GPS

Some devices have a built in GPS that allows the drone to be flown away and return to the same location that it took off from. However, GPS can lose signal once in a while. So it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your drone at all times. Just in case it doesn’t come back to you when summoned.


When it’s time to land your drone be sure to bring the throttle down gently to avoid any sudden crash landings (which could result in broken pieces).

Just remember that flying your drone is a learning experience for you, and a painful one for your drone most likely. You won’t get everything right away. Take your time and above all practice, practice, practice. Hopefully you’ll be master of the skies in as little time as possible.

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